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Published on February 21st, 2013 | by Jelena D.J


Wintersun: “Time I” Album Review

  They have done it again. Yeah, it’s been 8 years. But once you hear Time I, you’ll quickly forgive the long wait. It has been 8 years since Wintersun released their debut album Wintersun, an album that received endless praise, often being labeled a masterpiece. They set the bar very high from the beginning, which is why the expectation for the second album was huge. The wait is finally over. Has it been worth it? Hell yes. Prepare yourself for an epic journey. The album opens with “When Time Fades Away”, an incredible harmonious orchestration with an unexpected yet lovely Japanese twist. The beauty of listening to this track is hearing the multiple layers of sounds that are meticulously placed together. The energy builds up straight into “Sons of Winter and Stars”, a 13 minute long epic piece with a similar themed structure like we saw in “Starchild” in the first album. Each segment has a different feel and power to it, and ends in an explosive chorus of some of the best voices in the metal scene: look out for the voices of Turisas boys Olli, Mathias and Jukka; Tyr’s Heri; Mikko of Kiuas and Ensiferum’s Sami and Markus. The darkness rumbles in slowly as “Land of Snow and Sorrow” starts, and the listener is taken from one emotion to the next. A much sadder, slow and melodic song, it carries the same beauty with it throughout. Each song leads into the next flawlessly, and the instrumental “Darkness and Frost” sets the listener up for the final monster song “Time”. Maenpaa’s fascination with time manifests itself into this complex, intricate and confrontational song. The countless intricate details in the music help make this album a winner. By the time “Time” ends, we are left needing more! Whilst some of the orchestrations sound like they are more suited in a movie than an album, the sheer brilliance of what has been created cannot be denied. We have here an album that will find new ways to surprise us with every listen. It is also this that helps us overlook the fact that it lacks a little in the ‘metal’ sounds that we are used to from the debut album. Recognition has to be given to frontman Jari Maenpaa, who is the main mastermind of Wintersun’s music in the album. His perfectionist attitude has reached a new height, setting the bar for ‘good music’ high. We were also vey impressed to see how even his own vocal parts have clearly improved, with the clean parts sounding perfect. So, the music is excellent. But, they fall a little short in fan opinion when we look at the fact that Time I is only a 5-track album, with the second part on its way to us some time next year. At this rate, we will forgive them for that too, as there is a100% likelihood that Time II will be another masterpiece. No pressure, guys. This album deserves the epic rating of 9.5/10. A masterpiece. Everyone should give this a listen. When listening to this album, (particularly first time listeners) I recommend: Isolate yourself. Put on headphones/earphones. Play it from beginning to end (no shuffle.. yet). PLAY IT LOUD.

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