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Published on February 13th, 2012 | by Scream


Power Review: Condition Critical – THIS IS TRUE THRASH METAL!

“Your mind tells you not to, but your heart is pumping blood so fast to your brain that you  end up headbanging uncontrollably to thrash metallers, Condition Critical!” – Scream

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So you’re looking for something fast, heavy and energetic enough to melt away the fleshy, gooey insides of your skull? Condition Critical is the answer. There’s nothing that instigates a good headbang and an out of control whirl pooling pit like old school thrash metal and old school thrash metal are what Condition Critical do best!

They display a charming amount of Obituary-style vocal work which embeds itself comfortably within the heavy riffs and fast paced rhythms of the three demo tracks my path was fortunate enough to cross. To put it plainly, these guys don’t give an outward a shit. They pick up their instruments and shred anything that is remotely reserved to smithereens.  And they are one of the very few modern day thrash bands that can pull something like that off in the spectacular style that they do! The only problem I have with these guys is the lack of an album and the fact that we only had access to four tracks! Now, this may not sound like a fair minus towards the band, but it would be nice to hear the true scale of Condition Critical’s artillery and for that, we need to hear a studio album. With breakdowns vigorous enough to summon up mosh pits of all shapes and sizes, Condition Critical are also one the few bands that had me going in for seconds… and thirds! Captivating solos, ghoulish vocals among fast paced, heavy riffs and an nothing less than an adrenaline fuelled journey introduced me to Condition Critical! I totally enjoyed these guys. Enough said.

9/10 Headbanging Metal Horns!

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  • Shawn Scarano

    Album will be out in April 2013!!!!

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